Frequently Asked Questions


General Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you will find the most asked questions.
We will expand this FAQ as we get more questions by the community.
Missed the token upgrade? Check out the Upgrade FAQ.

Launch Questions

You will be able to claim them in the Presale section of the dApp as soon as all the issues with the EarnHub token are solved.
This will be announced in advance through our social media and also in the dApp directly.
EarnHub has a 12% fee on buys and 17% fee on sells. We recommend using the Swapper inside the dApp because it will take care of slippage and errors. If you decide to use Pancake, Poocoin, etc instead, you should set slippage in 13%-18% for buys and sells respectively.

The fee is distributed as follows (respectively for buys and sells):
AnyFlect System: 3.6% + 5.5%
Mirror Staking Pools: 6.0% + 8.6%
Distribution BuyBack: 1.7% + 1.7%
Marketing Funds: 0.7% + 1.2%
We work continously to improve support for our dApp, and we plan to support all major wallets before the year ends.
We have tested the dApp thoroughly on PC using the MetaMask extension on all browsers that support it. We also support MetaMask on both Android and iOS. SafePal is supported as well on all devices.
Because Trust Wallet on iOS does not have an in-app dApp browser, it is not supported at this time. On Android, Trust Wallet will only work while using the in-app dApp browser, and not through WalletConnect.
EarnHub launches on Dec 1st at 1am UTC. There is a countdown in the dApp . The final token contract will be shared 2 minutes before launch in our Telegram Group and then will be shared on social media, and added to our website.
The EarnHub team is comprised of professionals from different backgrounds, each with their own specific skillset that brings value to the project.
The team began with just three core team members who built SafeEarn from the ground up and innovated all along the way. As the market demanded expansion, the team grew with it, ultimately switching from a limited ecosystem with a robust community to creating EarnHub and capitalizing on bringing value and passive income to smart contracts.

The team is not doxxed, but is privately KYC'd as a way to reassure investors that their funds are safe while maintaining the integrity of DeFi.
Now a powerhouse with experience in both front-end and backend development, marketing, finance and global relations, EarnHub has the know-how to build a passive income platform that will redefine how we source income as a whole.
Our proprietary Anyflect system works by distributing tokens for a batch of holders when each buy or sell happens.
Since AnyFlect supports literally any token, you might get a high gas transaction every now and then since some tokens are not well optimized and spend a lot of gas in order to execute their own individual functions.
We constantly blacklist tokens that spend more that ~$10 in gas for a given transfer. For instance, Non-Reflection tokens spend ~$0.7, SafeMoon spends around ~$2.50 - $5 and other worse optimized tokens spend less than $10 in general.
If you do receive a high gas estimate on interacting with the token, the best advice is to either try again later when it has lowered, or reject the transaction. Before approving any transaction on the blockchain ensure you are aware of every detail before confirming.