Frequently Asked Questions

EarnHub Upgrade

How to Upgrade your tokens after the Snapshot?

You will receive 100% of your USD value at the moment of the Snapshot.

Every upgrader will get their full USD value, doesn't matter if they upgraded in time or not. People who upgraded in time will get some minor benefits, such as the exclusive "OG Earner NFT"
The Late Upgrade process starts in this form. We also ask you to join our SafeEarn Support Group to be up to date with this matter.

If you already filled the form before Nov 29 at 8:55pm UTC, you will receive your tokens automatically during the launch night, at the same time as the upgraders who correctly staked their tokens.
If you filled the form after that date, you will receive your tokens later on, most likely one day after launch. We kindly ask for your patience if this is your case, and guarantee you will not be forgotten.


Late Upgraders will receive a 100% reimbursement in EarnHub tokens, worth the USD value of your SafeEarn at the moment of the snapshot.
If you are in loss from the SafeEarn token, you must fill out this form. Further steps will be shared in our SafeEarn Support Group
If you filled the form after Nov 29 at 8:55pm UTC, you will receive your tokens aswell, but the time at which this happens might vary. We will process late upgraders daily, so in general it shouldn't take more than a day. Late Upgrades will only happen on weekdays.
If you upgraded before the snapshot, you don't need to do anything. Simply just wait until launch and you'll see that your NEW EarnHub tokens are automatically staked into the new pools.

If you late-upgraded before Nov 29 at 8:55pm UTC, you will receive your tokens after the issues have been solved.
For all upgraders, the value of your tokens is equal to your previous SafeEarn USD value at the time of snapshot, and will begin to be subject to all of the EarnHub price movement starting from the 70M Market Cap. (For example, if you received $1000 worth of tokens at 70M MarketCap, if the MarketCap is 140M when you claim your tokens, they will be worth $2000 USD, since the price will have doubled)
You will get a compensation worth 100% of the USD value of your SafeEarn before the snapshot was taken.
Both correct and late upgraders will receive their tokens valued the 70M market cap price, which means you "didn't miss the pump", in simple terms. (Read Q: "How will the upgrade work?" for more info)
You will automatically receive your EarnHub tokens in your wallet when all the issues in the EarnHub Token are solved.
Read Q: "How much money am I going to get?" for more info
If you had successfully staked your SafeEarn tokens, then you need not worry about it. The snapshot was taken. Just wait for the EarnHub launch.
You cannot unstake or stake tokens any longer at this time.
Until the time of launch, no tokens currently staked on the SafeEarn dApp are earning rewards.
Yes, but there no reflections or staking rewards. We don't want incentivize buys. SafeEarn is over. We are unable to pause trading on the old token. If we were able to do so, that would be a major security risk for all holders.
No, we have sold all of the dev wallet's tokens alongside all of the upgrader's TVL (~$2,000,000 USD at the moment of the snapshot) in order to move most of the liquidity and use it on EarnHub.
These funds will be used for the liquidity of EarnHub and also in our transposable BuyBack to inject liquidity in the future as needed.