First Modular-Ready Token

EarnHub is the first ever modular-ready token, allowing the contract to be upgraded on the blockchain, adding new features like new buy-back systems, auto-balancing staking pools, Play to Earn (P2E) mechanisms, and more.

AnyFlect Reflections

Just hold $EHB in your wallet and automatically earn passive income in any token. Change the reflection in the dApp anytime.

Optimized Earnings

Stake your EHB and the propietary Mirror Reward Pools will optimize your profits, allowing you to earn APYs as high as 300% in any of the partnered tokens.

BuyBack Redistribution System

First ever transposable BuyBack System built with the holder in mind. Fuels liquidity mining and boosts rewards while maintaining consistent price levels for all.



EarnHub rotates partner staking pools, diversifying your portfolio while earning you passive income in the greatest BSC projects.

Dont KYC
Many more
every 2 weeks


A portion of each transaction is sent to Transfer Gateway contract, which redistributes it both to the holders and the multiple contracts of the EarnHub Ecosystem.

The ecosystem is composed with more than 15 contracts, all interacting with each other in harmony. This is the basis of the modular system behind EarnHub.
You can read about the top holder contracts and clear any doubts here

Contract: 0x80CbA4031F7a75B650f4146E5CebA9d7562DF939

Sell Fee: starts from 35% at launch and reduces to 17% after 7D, on every block.

Total Supply: 70T EHB (70,000,000,000,000)

5.5% + 3.6%


Earn Any Token, automatically.

8.6% + 6.0%

Mirror Staking

Earn partner & Blue Chip Tokens.

1.7% + 1.7%


Strategic Buyback supports the health of the chart.

1.2% + 0.7%

Marketing Funds

Used to raise brand awareness and commit to expansion.

All distributed on each transaction. Sell + Buy Fee, respectively.

EarnHub Community

Looking to connect with other holders or get the most up-to-date information on developments and announcements? Check out any of our communities!

Need help? We have a dedicated support system to make sure earning is as easy as possible.

Community Media

EarnHub is spreading globally with this song by OttoMattic. The token's community is the pride and joy of EarnHub, building a reach far and wide of people just like you who love earning passive income.


The Team

The EarnHub team begins with the founders of the project, bringing years of development and marketing experience to the table. Working alongside them are 3 additional developers, and a full administrative team dedicated to the success of the project.

Almighty Rover

Almighty Rover leads the public facing success of EarnHub with a strong history of marketing paired with years of experience in crypto. Rover is consistently seeking opportunity to bring passive income to the masses and can frequently be found in the community chats.

Woofy Dev

Woofy Dev is the big brain behind the development and technical strategy of EarnHub that enables the rest of the team to go forward. With a bolstered history of experience in programming, Woofy takes pride in re-imagining, innovating, and building on financial systems to give more back to holders.

Astro Dude

Astro Dude is the full package of leadership and development bringing the team together in a meaningful, agile way that pushes out development cycles and marketing hand in hand. Astro's personal expertise in front-end development gives more back to the holder by creating positive user experiences for all.

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